ROOTED - Thursday, June 23, 2022

Great News


Our Sunday series is looking at a couple of crucial passages in Proverbs. Brad and Mark’s recent sermons have been focused on trusting God. When we aren’t faced with a trust issue – when things are going well all is…well.   “Well,” as we define it, let’s be honest, is when things are going the way we want them to. When things aren’t going as we want, we say things aren’t going…well.  The scripture we’ve been looking at for two weeks challenges us as children of God to really see things so counterintuitively to how we naturally see things. “Naturally” in this context means our sinful self – apart from God.


Proverbs 16:9

We can make our plans,

            But the LORD determines our steps. 



“But the LORD” – this should be great news for a child of God. This is God interjecting Himself into our lives and realities. A “But the Lord” experience is when God provides us with something special – something we didn’t expect or even want. Sometimes things that we can’t understand cause us to question His goodness. But it is in the moments that the test comes when God is asking you, “Do you trust me?” “Do you love me?” When God is saying, “Come closer, love me more.” “Come child, let me carry you.”  “Here is something I want to teach you.” God may say to you through events, “Here is something you never expected and may not understand yet, but it is for your good. Trust me.”

But it’s a struggle, isn’t it? But that’s ok too. The work is when we grow and learn when we acknowledge our dependence on God and our inability to do it on our own. Thank God for the struggles when they draw us to Him in reliance.



Father, you see our weakness, sin, fear, and distrust. How good you have been, yet we still live in fear and doubt. Strengthen us. Strengthen our faith, love, trust, service, and obedience. Thank you for loving us more – to the point where you give us better than we want for ourselves. Help us to have spiritual eyes – to see beyond the material and this life. Please help us to look to your eternal kingdom and throne. Thank you for preparing us for that day. Thank you for promising us that day. To you be all glory, honor, and praise.