ROOTED - Tuesday, June 21, 2022

But the Lord


Any time in Scripture that we come across the word “but” in reference to God, it’s time to really pay attention and lean forward and look at what God is interjecting into life. This week’s text has such a “but”, and it’s a comparison to something about us, and it's time to lean forward and pay attention.


Proverbs 16:9

We can make our plans,

            But the LORD determines our steps. 



What’s on your mind today that needs doing. What are your plans for next week? How about your next vacation? Planning a family or a career.  We get so wrapped up in what we think, what we want, what’s good for us, according to our values, budget, wants… It’s often easy to forget that there is another person involved that we’ve failed to account for – God.  And when God does speak through events that are contrary to what we planned for, what’s your response? Fear, anger, resentment, pouting – all of these are in a way, shaking our fists at God, and screaming, “How dare you!” “Who do you think you are?”  And God, I suspect, looks at us and asks the same questions. And well, with that perspective, I think He has the better argument. The quicker we acknowledge Him as God and his ultimate right to do whatever He pleases, knowing it’s for our good, the sooner peace comes and enjoyment of something better.



Father, today, show me where I am thinking, wanting or acting contrary to what you would have for me. Forgive me for running ahead. Forgive me for my arrogance and stubbornness. Teach me that the best place to be is on my knees before you – that this is really my purpose in life – a life of worship and service to you, and in this posture and mindset, more than I could ever hope for will be found. Thank you for the “but”. Amen.