ROOTED - Wednesday, June 22, 2022



“Father, please give me this.” “ Father, please help me here.” “Father, stop, don’t do that.”  “Father, why are you allowing this to happen?”  
Whiplash, we run to God asking for blessings, help, and favors. A lifetime supply of “please and please now…”  And yet, how quickly when something doesn’t go the way we wanted, suddenly, we’re angry, frustrated, and afraid that God is doing something that we don’t like or want. Then we don’t want His help, His intervention, His way or will. 


Proverbs 16:9

We can make our plans,

            But the LORD determines our steps. 



We’ve all seen a child crying to be held by a parent. And then just a moment later, pushing away and wanting to be put down so they can be “free”.   In that behavior, we can also see Christians reaching out to a loving Heavenly Father, and then just as quickly, angry at that Father. Childish behavior. Sinful behavior for Christians. Such behavior is whiplash faith. Whiplash love. Faith and love when things are going well are easy. True faith and love are learned and proven when they are tested. When things don’t go as we wanted, how do our faith and love respond? How do you respond to God when His determined actions are contrary to your determined wants and plans?



We confess Father that this is so difficult. Submission - with the right attitude. We lack the faith to really trust you. We trust you with our eternal salvation, but the here and now, not so much. We act as if we want you to “go off and work on our mansion in glory, and leave me to handle things here.” That is until we need you, and then it’s “please, please.” Whiplash faith! How tired you must be of it. Forgive me. Draw me deeper into faith and trust in you! Make me so uncomfortable with “my way”, until all I want, and realize I need is “your way”.  To love you as I should is my prayer. Amen.