Studying the book of Proverbs takes patience.  We don’t read them like a story, from beginning to end.  Or like a letter or a poem.  They are more like little nuggets of goodness – like a delectable piece of chocolate or a crème brulee – something you want to enjoy slowly, savoring every bite. They are meant to be read one at a time, and have all the juice squeezed out of it before moving on to the next. Not that they are meant to be read in isolation.  Read by themselves they can tend toward moralism, but read in the context of the entire witness of Scripture, they are a fountain of wisdom for us.


We will talk about learning to trust in the Lord as we follow Jesus as his disciples.  If life is a journey, then Jesus is our leader and guide, and God is continually setting out a path before us.  Sometimes the path is clear, other times it is not.  Which is all the more reason for us to trust in the Lord.