Quarantine and physical distancing have become our new normal.  We are separated from friends and neighbors, working from home, and not able to eat at our favorite restaurants.  Life is different.  At least for now. Is there any good news?  Is there hope? Behavioral psychologists tell us that when very young children play peek-a-boo, they genuinely believe that Mommy and Daddy have disappeared, since they cannot be seen.  We think, Put your hands down, silly babies, and see the truth.  They haven’t disappeared, they’ve only been removed from your view temporarily.  Just because something is hidden doesn’t make it any less real. We cannot see the wind, or love or peace, but they are no less real. When we look around we see illness, hardship, separation.  And yet in Christ, resurrection is more real than any of these challenges that we face.  Our lives are now hidden with Christ.  Momentarily obscured, out of view for now, but no less real.  Therefore set your minds on things above.